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कान, नाक एवं गले की
समस्याओं का संपूर्ण समाधान

With Varanasi's Best ENT Specialist & Surgeon

डॉ. संजय तेजा, MBBS, MS (ENT)

Varanasi's Best ENT Specialist & Surgeon

Dr Sanjay Teza, MBBS, MS (ENT)

Dr. Sanjay Teza is one of best ENT Specialist Doctor & Surgeon in Varanasi with vast experience in most critical Head-Neck surgery and most efficient surgeon for rhinoplasty (Nasar-cosmetic surgery). He is one of the finest ENT and Head-Neck surgeon in Varanasi with beautiful enervative technique of various recent advance technological and instrumental operations. Currently, he has two ENT centers in Varanasi at Vardaan Hospital Sundarpur & Shakumbhari Complex, Bhelupur.

To Schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanjay, feel free to call us at +919336922349 (prior appointment is required).

Best ENT Doctor in Varanasi | Dr Sanjay Teza

23+ Years

Experience in ENT Care

3 Lakh+

Patients Treated

4 Awards

in Healthcare

2 ENT Centers

in Varanasi City

23+ Years

Experience in ENT Care

3 Lakh+

Patients Treated

4 Awards

In Healthcare

2 ENT Centers

In Varanasi

Our ENT Specialties

Ear Treatment
(कान का इलाज)

Your hearing is precious. We provide a spectrum of services from detailed hearing assessments to cutting-edge ear surgeries at our ENT Center.

Nose Treatment
(नाक का इलाज)

Breathe new life with our specialized nose treatments. Tackling everything from seasonal allergies to performing meticulous rhinoplasty.

Throat Treatment
(गला का इलाज)

Throat issues can be a real pain, quite literally! Our team is committed to providing you with effective treatment and compassionate care.

Don't let untreated ENT, Allergy, and Hearing issues hold you back.

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